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“I have to tell you that those cakes are absolutely amazing.

Obviously Rich went for the pink ones whilst I had the chocolate one!! We were only supposed to have half each as holiday dieting…no chance we were fighting over who got to lick the wrapper!

That is by far THE BEST chocolate cake I’ve ever had….sign me up for the next batch!

Why have I never had these before????"

Sarah T, Nottingham

“Just wanted to say “Thank you” for the cupcakes – Your Chocolate ones are absolutely gorgeous. My hubby was upset as he never got any choccie ones, so I will be back shortly with another order!”

Kuldip D, Nottingham

"Thanks for the cake. Indulgently tasty and immaculately presented. I’ll pass on your details to anyone who wants it"

Sarah K, Nottingham

"I have just eaten one of your cakes and just wanted to say that it was amazing, the icing was beautiful. I wish you every success with your fundraising for such a great cause"

Alison S, Nottingham

"Just wanted to say thanks for the cake - it looked absolutely stunning, and the sponge was so light, and so moist.

It was just as I had imagined it to be - you're brilliant. Thanks again.


Steph (the new Mrs Godfrey)"